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G550 Fixed High Speed Marine Propulsion Solutions/surface Piercing Propeller for Sales

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    Excellent performance design, flexible and high-efficiency applications make us very popular in the market! TSD surface drive system is specially designed for fast-planing yachts, sports fishing boats, racing boats and professional applications that require acceleration, high speed and endurance provide excel lent performance. High-speed customs cruiser, the law enforcement supervision rowing boat, high-speed, high-speed yacht, high-speed transport boat, military ships, cruise ships, hydrological ship, the ship, high-speed interceptor, RIB, the rescue boat, when navigating in high speed have no cavitation erosion, low resistance, sha11ow draft and high efficiency etc., is the world's new high-speed boat preferred way.

G550 surface drive

Design Advantage

  • A pair of TDS surface drive can lift and steer system

  • A pair of high anti-corrosion, high toughness and

    strength two-way special stainless steel surface perforated propellers

  • Hydraulic and steering equipment

  • The body i s made of all 316L anticorrosive stainless steel

  • Indicators and sensors

  • Double hydraulic cylinder

  • Two kinds of adjustable movable and fixed semi-submerged propeller systems

  • Universal ball cage connection design

Performance Advantages

  • The water intake of the surface piercing propeller i s half of the water intake

  • 15% to 30% faster than traditional systems

  • 15% to 30% increase in fuel efficiency

  • The propeller i s ventilated to the water surface, thereby reducing noise and destructive hull and pillar erosion.

  • The maintenance requirements are low, and the propeller immersion can be adjusted in progress.

BG550 surface drive

Adapted blade diameter 550mm
Adapted power

60Hp-200Hp 45Kw-145Kw

Maximum input torque 1600 N.m
Weight 85KG
Adapted ship weight Single machine 2.5T  Dual machine 5T
Standard accessories Cardan shaft, oil pot (alarm)

Surface drive

product details It has the characteristics of no cavitation, low attachment resistance, shallow draft, high durability, simple maintenance and high propulsion efficiency Both the blade and the main shaft are made of bidirectional special stainless steel with high anti-corrosion, high toughness and strength The body is made of all 316L anti-corrosion stainless steel

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